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About lexisONE®

lexisONE® is a unique Web community designed to meet the day-to-day practice demands of solo and small-firm attorneys. The lexisONE® service is loaded with free resources, including:

How can lexisONE
help you today

  Find Cases FREE
   Find Legal Forms for
   Research Value
   Get Exclusive Bar
  Association Offers
   Locate a Legal Web

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   Shop for Law Books
   and CDs
   Get CLE Credit
   Access full Shepard's®
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Case Law
  Headline Legal News
  An extensive Legal WebSite Directory,
providing links to thousands of law-related Web sites
  Expertly written articles designed
to help the small-firm attorney balance his/her personal and professional life
  The lexisONE® Alert, a twice-monthly newsletter that helps small firms stay in step with practice developments and on top of trends in the legal profession

lexisONE® offers research priced by the day, week or month for the small firm and solo attorney; LexisNexis® Automated Forms; and eAdvance Sheet Service from LexisNexis®, a convenient way to learn about breaking court decisions in your state or practice area.

lexisONE® was launched in July 2000 by LexisNexis®.

About LexisNexis®

LexisNexis® is the global leader in providing comprehensive and authoritative news, business and legal information solutions to legal, corporate, academic and government markets.

The LexisNexis® services combine searchable access to over three billion documents from thousands of sources with leading-edge systems and tools for managing and evaluating this content. The LexisNexis® family of products includes:

    lexis.com, for the legal profession; and
    nexis.com, for the information profession;
    numerous customized products delivering both
      job-specific and enterprise-wide industry-leading
      knowledge solutions.

LexisNexis® is a member of Reed Elsevier PLC, which is owned equally by Reed International PLC (NYSE: RUK) and Elsevier NV (NYSE: ENL).

For more information, visit www lexisnexis com.




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