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Headline Legal News

Related Resources

Children and the Law: Cases and Materials
The casebook examines the rights and protections afforded minors under common law doctrine, federal constitutional principles and legislative enactments — available from the LexisNexis™ Bookstore

Free Domestic Relations Forms
General family law forms from the Matthew Bender forms collection.

Family Law Clause Library
Clause Libraries from LexisNexis contain thousands of up-to-date clauses from Matthew Bender, a leading provider of forms.

Adoption Law and Practice
This premiere treatise by the most respected name in adoption law places local issues in broader context, provides information about interstate, state-federal, and international aspects of adoption, and is the acknowledged authority for dealing with the increased "constitutionalizing" of adoption law and practice. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

California Wills & Trusts Drafting System
California Wills and Trusts Drafting System enables you to draft custom-tailored estate planning documents. This software will enhance productivity while keeping you abreast of the most current California statute and case changes. A user-friendly interface allows you to manipulate documents within your own word processor, enabling you to tailor the drafting process to your specifications. Create templates for easy access to your most-used instruments and customize the program with your own language. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

Child Custody and Visitation Law and Practice
This national publication covers all custody and visitation matters handled by the family law practitioner. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
For both the general practitioner and the matrimonial specialist, a comprehensive, practice-oriented guide to the impact of bankruptcy on family law issues. Examines the Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on provisions directly related to family law. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

Divorce Practice Handbook
Written by four of the leading experts in the field of family law, Divorce Practice Handbook is a lucid and invaluable guide to divorce practice. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

Family Law and Practice
Written by a distinguished group of matrimonial practitioners and family law experts from across the country, this treatise is national in scope and practice-oriented, providing guidance for every stage of a family law proceeding from initial client contact through modification and enforcement. Available for purchase from the LexisNexis® Bookstore.

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