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Use the LexisNexis® Research Service to access U.S. Supreme Court cases from 1781 to present, as well as federal and state cases decided within the last ten years. See below for full listing of courts and jurisdictions covered.

Categories Jurisdictions Available through Free Case Law (10 years only)

Jurisdiction Coverage
Combined State Cases STATES: Courts
Alabama Sup. Ct., Ct. Crim. App., Ct. Civil App., Ct. App.
Alaska Sup. Ct, Ct. App.
Arizona Sup. Ct, Ct. App.
Arkansas Sup. Ct, Ct. App.
California Sup. Ct, Cts. App.
Colorado Sup. Ct, Ct. App.
Connecticut Sup. Ct, App. Ct.
Delaware Sup. Ct, Ct. of Chancery, Common Pleas
District of Columbia App. Ct., Circuit Ct.
Florida Sup. Ct., Dist. Cts. App.
Georgia Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Hawaii Sup. Ct., Intermd. Ct. App.
Idaho Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Illinois Sup. Ct., Appellate Ct.
Indiana Sup. & Blackf., Ct. App.
Iowa Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Kansas Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Kentucky Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Louisiana Sup. Ct., Cts. App.
Maine Sup. Ct.
Maryland Ct. App., Ct. Special App.
Massachusetts Sup. Jud'l Ct., App. Ct.
Michigan Sup. & Douglass, Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Minnesota Sup. Ct., App. Ct.
Mississippi Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Missouri Sup. Ct., App. Ct.
Montana Sup. Ct.
Nebraska Sup. Ct., Ct. of Apps.
Nevada Sup. Ct.
New Hampshire Sup. Ct.
New Jersey Supreme Ct.*
New Mexico Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
New York Ct. App., Appellate Div.
North Carolina Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
North Dakota Sup. & Dakota, Ct. App.
Ohio Sup. Ct., Cts. App., Cty & Muni'pl Cts.
Oklahoma Sup. Ct., Ct. Crim. App., Ct. App.
Oregon Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Pennsylvania Sup. Ct.
Puerto Rico Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Rhode Island Sup. Ct.
South Carolina Sup. Ct., App. Ct.
South Dakota Sup. & Dakota
Tennessee Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Texas Sup. Ct., Ct. of Crim. App., Ct. App.
Utah Sup. Ct., Ct. App.
Vermont Sup. Ct.
Virginia Sup. Ct., Ct. App., Cir. Ct.
Virgin Islands Terr. Cts., Muni'pl Cts.
Washington Sup. & Wash. Terr., App. Ct.
West Virginia Sup. Ct.
Wisconsin Sup. & Pinney, App. Ct.
Wyoming Sup. Ct.

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CategoriesCourts Available through Free Case Law (10 years only * )

Combined Federal Cases
U.S. Supreme Court *
1st Circuit Court of Appeals
2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
4th Circuit Court of Appeals
5th Circuit Court of Appeals
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
7th Circuit Court of Appeals
8th Circuit Court of Appeals
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
10th Circuit Court of Appeals
11th Circuit Court of Appeals
District of Columbia Circuit Court
Bankruptcy Appellate Panel
Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

* US Supreme Court is not limited to the 10 years.

Cases available through entire history of cases on the Lexis® service.

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CategoriesDocuments Not Available through Free Case Law

Shell documents
Table Cases

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CategoriesJurisdictions Not Available through Free Case Law

Jurisdiction Coverage
Arizona Tax Ct.
Connecticut Super. Ct., Common Pleas Cases
Delaware Super. Ct., Fam. Ct.
Indiana Tax Ct.
Maryland Tax Ct.
Massachusetts Super. Ct.
Minnesota Tax Ct.
New Jersey Super. Ct., Tax Ct., Misc. Lower Courts
New York NY Civ. Ct., NY Crim. Ct., Dist. Ct., Fam. Ct.,
Surrog. Ct., NY City Ct., NY County Ct., Claims Ct.
Oregon Tax Ct.
Pennsylvania Super. Ct., Commw. Ct., Phila. County, Ct. Jud. Disc.
Tennessee Crim. App.

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CategoriesCourts Not Available through Free Case Law

US District Courts
1st Circuit
2nd Circuit
3rd Circuit
4th Circuit
5th Circuit
6th Circuit
7th Circuit
8th Circuit
9th Circuit
10th Circuit
11th Circuit
District of Columbia
District of Puerto Rico
District of Virgin Islands
US Bankruptcy Court
US Armed Forces Court of Appeals
US Court of Veterans Appeals
US Court of Federal Claims
US Court of International Trade
US Tax Court Cases & Memorandums

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